For over 10 years, CP Fashion has been developing ski helmets designed for demanding sportsmen. The Swiss “All in One” helmet concept is manufactured in Italy, the producer pays particular attention to unique “know-how” utilized in the production system. There are many manufacturers on the market, but the helmets with a Visor made by CP are definitely its future!

Combining functionality, safety and elegance is a big challenge, but CP does not compromise. The idea behind the brand is “Excellence in Elegance”. This statement has been guiding CP since its very beginning.

CP All in One Visor helmets bring a new dimension to skiing gear. They are made of ultralight materials to ensure maximum comfort for the user. Replaceable visors ensure very wide field of vision. Different kinds of glasses can easily be adjusted to changing weather conditions. CP helmets are the solution for people who wear prescription glasses, they ensure comfort and safety.

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