X-BIONIC clothes are constructed by scientists and recommended by winners.


In 2002 professor Bodo Lambertz came with an idea to create thermoactive underwear that boosts human organism performance. Research proved that 37˚C is the optimal temperature for the body that makes physical activity the most effective. The new idea occurred in Swiss laboratory and the production facility was placed in Italy. It’ s the combination of Swiss precision and Italian quality that contributed to creating the highest quality product.


X-Bionic produced the first thermal underwear that cools you down when you sweat and heats you up when your organism cools down. The range of modern and patented technologies by X-Bionic allows this effect. • 3D Bionic Sphere System - 3D fabric located in places that are the most liable to sweating, it transpires moisture away and prevents from cooling down; • Air Conditioning Body Channel - system of air channels located on both sides of the garments that exchanges the overheated air with the fresh one; • SweatTraps - inserts located under the armpits that transpire moisture away.


Products of the brand have three layers of compression: high, mid and low which allow for ideal adjustment of the clothes to weather conditions.


X-Bionic is not only underwear, it’ s also second layer and a range of accessories.Don’t lose your energy on thermoregulation; let X-Bionic do this for you!

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