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Organizing a small family gathering or throwing a huge party for your friends and neighbors is always a great pleasure. Person who organizes the event has to choose proper type of barbeque. Currently, we offer a wide range of barbeques. From charcoal barbeques, electric barbeques to gas barbeques. Gas barbeque will save your time and effort that are necessary for preparing food. If you like barbequing in the company of other people this product will serve you well.

Why should I choose gas barbeque?

You don’t have to use charcoal and prepare the barbeque before using which is time consuming and tiring. Gas barbeque doesn’t spark and require using hot coal that can set the surrounding on fire or burn the user.

Simple service
Simplicity is beautiful. Gas barbeques allow grilling just a few minutes after switching on the gas lighter. Thanks to that, the user can socialize with their guests instead of controlling the barbeque. The devise is so simple that it can be used even by inexperienced cooks.

• If you don’ feel like eating barbeque dishes, you can use the device as an oven.
• You can regulate the temperature of the device/most of Campingaz barbeques are equipped with independent temperature regulation on the left and right side of the grill/it allows preparing even more exquisite dishes. Charcoal barbeque doesn’t give such possibilities.
• According to research conducted on barbeque users, dishes prepared on lava or charcoal barbeques taste relatively the same.

The comparison was conducted on standard consumers. Comparing the costs of using gas and charcoal barbeque is very easy. Using these devices for two years you will come to conclusion that they’re identical. Next year, if you keep on using gas barbeque you will save extra money.
It’s a simple calculation that will help you in choosing the best barbeque.

Installation, warranty and service.
• Campingaz barbeques are very easy to install if you follow the attached instruction. Particular components are already preassembled that saves customer’s time.
• Campingaz ensures high quality, simple construction, durability and minimum maintenance costs.
• The distributor ensures warranty and non warranty service for all sold Campingaz barbeques.

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